Student Health & Wellness



Students needing medical services due to symptoms of respiratory illness including fever, cough and shortness of breath should first call the Student Health & Wellness Center, 562.464.4548, for further instructions before coming in. We will make a determination about the level of medical care you need and either schedule your appointment with us or refer you accordingly. This new protocol is necessary in making sure that we can treat students adequately and reduce the spread of any virus. If you have any non-life threatening health concerns outside normal Whittier College and Student 保健中心 business hours, please call the RN Telephone After Hours Advice line at 562.464.4548 and press 1 or 855.456.9455.

Located near the 校园安全 office, the Student Health & Wellness Center provides primary health care services and health and wellness resources to all Whittier College. It also offers holistic services at affordable prices and free nutrition counseling.

The Student Health & Wellness Center is staffed throughout the academic year by multiple providers that hold rotating office hours Monday-Friday and see patients on an appointment-basis only. Walk-ins are welcomed on Monday mornings. The health center is also staffed by a full-time Nurse Practitioner and Licensed Vocational Nurse. During the summer, a Nurse Practitioner and Licensed Vocational Nurse provide care and assistance under a reduced clinic schedule.  


现金支付高于$ 20.00将不被接受。因此,上述$ 20.00任何法案必须被宣传为您的学生账户或信用卡或支票支付。



为了尊重其他学生,请注意,我们收取$ 20.00未出现收取你的学生账户,如果你不与你的预约时间前至少2小时提供商取消预约。




兼职学生必须每学期至少六(6)为单位进行注册,才有资格使用的健康中心。此外,希望使用健康中心的兼职学生必须支付$ 75学期的费用。


$ 75一学期费用进行评估,以希望在初次就诊时使用健康中心的服务,研究生和法律专业学生。


  • 流感 射击,免疫接种,结核病皮肤试验
  • 妇科检查(PAP,节育,盆腔检查) 
  • 健康和营养教育 
  • 性健康(STD测试和治疗,免费避孕套,紧急避孕药)
  • 运动和旅行体检 
  • 治疗疾病和损伤的
  • 每年新进入体检 
  • 规定的(可以最低的成本)和游离OTC药物
  • 服避孕药(节育)
  • 按摩疗法
  • 营养师约会


The mission of Student Health & Wellness Center is to maintain optimum, physical and emotional health of the Whittier College student body through the provision of quality, accessible, comprehensive, holistic and cost-effective primary health care.


The Health & Wellness Center serves to assist students in the pursuit of their academic goals and personal development consistent with the mission of the College.

  • 健康促进健康的生活方式和疾病预防的 
  • 患者拥护 
  • 卓越的交付质量的医疗保健 
  • 糖果派对的股权的多元化的人口 
  • 个人责任的健康和福祉 
  • 在合作方式的健康教育和宣传活动